"We are 100% satisfied with [...] 2G CLOUD". 

"One of the very best players in [their] field...". 

"[...] expert knowledge on both infrastructure, architecture and design of complex solutions in Microsoft Azure ".  

That is just a few nice things that our customers have to say about us. Read their stories, and give us a call if your next cloud project needs a world-class Azure partner!

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ProcessConnect A/S - mission critical software

ProcessConnect A/S (now part of CompulabNordic A/S) is a software and hardware company based in Denmark. ProcessConnect A/S sells and produces industrial embedded systems and software. Their software products are used in mission-critical environments, among those, airports and flight schools. 

2G CLOUD has helped ProcessConnect A/S with various Microsoft .NET and Azure projects. Lately, a full Azure-migration of a mission-critical software product.

What does ProcessConnect A/S say about 2G CLOUD?

We have used 2G CLOUD on several occasions, and they always deliver absolutely top-of-line quality. Most recently, 2G CLOUD has fully migrated one of our large, business-critical .NET applications to Microsoft Azure. 

The migration took place within the agreed time and at the agreed price, and the operating costs [of the migrated Azure application] were reduced by well over 50%. 

2G CLOUD is one of the very best players in the field of migration and development of applications for Microsoft Azure, and they even solve large, complex projects with 110% satisfaction.

Jan Kannegaard, owner of ProcessConnect A/S (part of CompulabNordic A/S)


Spectra Systems A/S - software for the hospitality industry

Spectra Systems A/S is a software company based in Denmark. Spectra Systems A/S is a market-leading vendor of software to the hospitality industry.

2G CLOUD is assisting Spectra Systems in their ambitious efforts to utilize Microsoft Azure to create world-class hospitality software.

What does Spectra Systems A/S say about 2G CLOUD?

We have the pleasure of working with Rasmus and 2G CLOUD on the development of a large Azure project. 2G CLOUD has contributed with expert knowledge on both infrastructure, architecture and design of complex solutions in Microsoft Azure. Rasmus [owner of 2G CLOUD] exhibited profound knowledge about the design/development of software, as well as deep knowledge about the operational aspects of Microsoft Azure. 

Rasmus has placed great emphasis on involving the existing development team and has participated actively in setting the right direction for the development. 

We are 100% satisfied with Rasmus and 2G CLOUD, and we highly recommend 2G CLOUD to other companies that want to develop or migrate software solutions to Microsoft Azure. "

Claus Johansen, CEO at Spectra Systems A/S